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What is sophrology?

Sophrology is a personal training based on relaxation techniques and activation of the body and mind. It is based on the observation and study of consciousness, body perception and the body-mind relationship, as well as their influence on lifestyle.

Its aim is to promote the psychophysical health and wellness of the person.

Today, after 60 years of development and continuous improvement, beyond its therapeutic use by health professionals, Sophrology has developed in the fields of pedagogy, sports, social work, and business.

On a professional level, Sophrology can be applied individually or in groups, and is addressed to any person at each stage of his life.

Sophrology, a personal training based on relaxation and activation techniques for the body and mind.

Positive effects on the global health

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Give meaning to your existence

A brief history of sophrology

In 1960, PhD Alfonso Caycedo, a young neuropsychiatrist, at the Provincial Hospital in Madrid, Spain, decided to dedicate himself to the study of consciousness to improve the quality of life of his patients.  

With a resolutely medical and scientific approach, he created a new discipline called sophrology, looking for other forms of therapy adapted to psychiatry.

Etymologically, sophrology means “study of consciousness in balance”.

Until 2000, PhD Alfonso Caycedo progressively put in place the 12 levels of the Caycedo Method®, also called Caycedo Dynamic Relaxation®.

In 2010, his daughter, Natalia Caycedo, also a PhD in psychiatry, and who had been working closely with him many years, took over the development of sophrology.

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Discover the Caycedo Method®

Each of the 12 levels of the Caycedo Method® has its own objectives and consists of a series of exercises based on concentration, visualization (as it is how you envision yourself in the future for example) and contemplation.

During the sessions, you will learn to become more aware of yourself, to be “subject” of your body and mind.

You will gradually take the reins of your life, moving away from automatisms and conditionings, from the tyranny of daily urgency.

These exercises provide a feeling of serenity, of physical and mental wellness that will allow you to get out of the state of permanent stress. They awake feelings of vitality and help to release tension.

The regular practice of sophrology allows you to optimize your daily capacities, in an autonomous way and respecting your personality. It favors the development of a positive perception of your body, your mind, emotional states, and positive values. Depending on your objectives, sophrological techniques can bring feelings of vitality and energy, or can regulate tensions to acquire serenity.

Who is sophrology for?

If you want to develop a positive mindset in your life and improve your wellness, Sophrology is for you!

Discover what sophrology can offer you. Sophrology is accessible to everyone and can be practiced in casual or business attire. Some exercises take place in a sitting position, others standing.

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To anyone seeking a balanced life

to have a better knowledge of oneself, to strengthen self-esteem, to preserve inner peace, to manage stress and emotions, to strengthen one's abilities...

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To any person living a difficult situation

Facing a bereavement, an illness, a separation, living one's retirement, …

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To schoolchildren and students

To prepare for exams, to strengthen one's memory, attention, and concentration, to organize, to envision the future...

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To any person wishing to prepare for a specific event

Preparing for the driver's license, looking for a job, reorienting oneself professionally, preparing for an interview, mastering public speaking...

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To athletes:

To develop a better perception of the body schematic, to reinforce mental capacities, to optimize performance.

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To future parents and families:

To prepare for childbirth, to improve communication in the couple and strengthen family ties, ...

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To any person wishing to preserve their health

to improve their quality of sleep, to free themself from addiction, to better manage pain..

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At a professional level:

To improve self-confidence, motivation, and team cohesion, to strengthen stress and conflict management, to value and give meaning to one's work, to better reach work-life balance, ...

Sophrology, for a serene, positive, and meaningful life, at every age and stage of life!

What can sophrology do for me?

Integrating the method into your daily personal and professional life by daily practice will:

  • activate your concentration, lucidity, and creativity
  • help you in stress and negative emotions management
  • awaken and strengthen positive attitudes in your daily life
  • reinforce your global health
  • allow you to live with vitality and serenity
  • live a more meaningful life

Sophrology, a way to become the best version of yourself!

In which fields can sophrology be applied?

Sophrology is helpful in many activity fields. Beyond its therapeutic use by health professionals, sophrology has developed in the fields of pedagogy, sports, social work, and business.

Outdoor sports and yoga


Beyond technical and tactical abilities, the level of any sport performance is largely influenced by the athlete's self-knowledge, emotional control, concentration, motivation, and perseverance. This is a sporting dimension that is just as, if not more, important than technical mastery and is a decisive factor in winning or losing, exceeding, or not exceeding the set objectives.

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Sophrology is not in itself a therapy but can have a therapeutic vocation depending on the context. In this field, sophrology techniques are directed by health professionals (doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, nurses, dentists...) to guarantee a correct diagnosis and an adequate therapy. They can be applied alone or as a complement to a therapy.


Sophro-pedagogy is a branch of sophrology specialized in the field of education and learning. It is useful from early childhood onwards and during all subsequent stages of life. Today's children and teenagers can be confronted with many difficulties such as family, interpersonal or school problems. This can lead to physical symptoms (sleep disorders, somatization, changes in eating habits...) or emotional symptoms (mood changes) or intellectual symptoms (problems with attention, concentration, memory and learning) or socialization.

Stress management

The Caycedo Method® is suitable for all ages, from children to adults, from teenagers to seniors. It is a training that allows us to maintain a healthy psychological balance, improves the quality of life and develops individual values as the foundation of our personal realization. It has applications in personal development, stress prevention and control.

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Prof. Alfonso Caycedo

In search of a serene, positive, and meaningful life.

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